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Call Yourself What You Want To Become

Look it up and you’ll discover there’s a psychological principle called Labeling. Simply put, if you continue to “label” someone, and if enough people do it, there’s a strong compulsion for that person to believe it. As you expect, it has potentially tragic consequences, as when a person is labeled by another as a LOSER. BUM. UNDERACHIEVER. ETC.
But think of the power for good! How could you influence someone if you labeled them VALUED, PROMISING, or LOVED? Guess who else you can label? The person who looks back at you in the mirror. How are you labeling yourself? LAZY? UNFOCUSED? Why not label yourself DISCIPLINED, DARING, and DOMINATING?

How To Infuse Every Encounter With Magic and Meaning

So here’s a challenge: whether you’re in a conference room at work with visiting clients, or you’re at a coffee shop hanging out, or passing time in a doctor’s waiting room…transform the way you think of the people in proximity to you. Don’t think of them as random encounters. Think of them appointments that can become opportunities–for mutual success and happiness. Close your magazine.

The Lowest Ebb Is The Turn of the Tide

It’s a paradox that is hard to understand but one that I’ve discovered to be undeniably true: Struggle comes before strength. We have to be thoroughly emptied before we can be genuinely fulfilled. Somehow the mountain top experiences of life are made richer, more powerful and meaningful, only after we have walked awhile in the Valley of the Shadow of Death. In short, life requires Crucifixion before Resurrection.

The Most Difficult Moments of Your Life Will Become The Most Inspiring Parts of Your Story

How can you endure struggle? In the midst of it, remember this: tough experiences become epic tales. People who get knocked around become people of renown. So count of this. Bank on it. Believe it with all your heart. And let it galvanize your heart and mind and will as you endure the worst the world has to offer: The most difficult moments of your life will become the most inspiring parts of your story.

1 Simple But Scary-Effective Strategy for Achieving Your Goals

Most of us don’t have trouble making goals. The difficulty is keeping them. It turns out that the Red Army of China knows a little trick that can help us. The same diabolical technique they used to brainwash American soldiers can be harnessed for good–to help you increase your efficiency and maximize your impact. It’s simple, but scary-effective: Write down what you want to do.