How To Infuse Every Encounter With Magic and Meaning

You ever wonder what it would be like to hop in your DeLorian, go back in time, and witness the first meeting of two people who met when neither was successful or truly great; but that largely because they met each other, they went on to live life-changing, legendary lives?

The other day I read that Steve Wozniak remembered that one of his friends said, “You should meet this guy.  He’s good at electronics and he likes to play pranks.”  Well, that person he met was, of course, Steve Jobs.  And that was the catalyst, the super-energy-charged moment, that ended up making an incalculable impact on their lives and the future of the world.  But if we were to have witnessed the meeting when it happened, there would probably not have been any special feeling about the moment.  It wouldn’t have had some mystical aura.  If we were bystanders, we probably wouldn’t have paid much attention to it at all.

I want you to think about the people you run across on your average day of living.  The people who you say “hi” to or ask “how are you doing?” I’m talking about the people with whom you interact, even casually.  What would happen if we considered every one of those interactions an appointment? What would happen if we regarded each encounter as a meeting that was pre-arranged for a specific purpose…orchestrated by God, the universe, the Force, whoever.  Whatever.

What would happen?

If you approach every encounter like that, I think the sheer numbers would favor extremely positive and even life-changing results.  Because if you approached EVERY encounter like it was an appointment, a pretty good number of those appointment would reveal themselves as opportunities.  Like the two Steves, you and that other person would click and whirr, and your relationship would form the catalyst of something life-changing and history-making, even if the only life changed was yours and the history made was the legacy of your life.

So here’s a challenge: whether you’re in a conference room at work with visiting clients, or you’re at a coffee shop hanging out, or passing time in a doctor’s waiting room…transform the way you think of the people in proximity to you.  Don’t think of them as random encounters.  Think of them appointments that can become opportunities–for mutual success and happiness.

Bottom line: Close your magazine.  Turn away from the TV screen.  Put down your phone. Reach out your hand.  Introduce yourself–and immediately infuse into every encounter a dynamic of magic and meaning, a sense of destiny.

When you greet them for the first time, say: “There are 7.4 BILLION people in the world. It’s great to FINALLY meet YOU.”