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Listener Poll: What Are The Top 5 MFCEO Episodes?

Andy and I value the input we get from you, the listeners of The MFCEO Project. We’d like to take the content in the episodes and repackage and expand on it in ways that truly add value to you.

Would you add value to us by sharing your opinion? Of the full-length episodes listed below that explicitly deal with success and motivation (as opposed to business topics), what are the TOP 5 BEST, most helpful to you?  If one is not listed, just post your answer in the comment section below.  

Again:  Choose 5.

Thanks for the taking the time to do this.  We really appreciate it!

What Are The Top 5 MFCEO Project Episodes?

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  • Jesse

    How to create amazing opportunities for yourself MFCEO13

    • I’m really glad you like that one, Jesse. Thanks!

  • Christopher Banks

    MFCEO30 Sean Whalen’s Critical Question. The idea of Lighthouse vs Tugboat has had, and continues to have, a major impact on my life, family, and business. One of my top 3 favorite episodes along with Kill It Everyday and Episode 23.

  • Kill It Everyday and the podcast with Shawn Stevenson have helped change my life (and heal my back) for the better. I’m more healthy and productive while dominating. I also agree that the “lighthouse” that Sean Whalen spoke about gave me great perspective. Also, i prefer some of the Thrusday Thunder podcasts because they are short, inspirational and full of urgency. The TT about the elephant was a great story as was the most recent Tuesday Thunder regarding commitment.

    • Thanks, Rich! Hope you are great!

      • Likewise! Thanks for all you do!

  • Thanks, guys! I really appreciate the feedback!