Tidal Rise

The Most Difficult Moments of Your Life Will Become The Most Inspiring Parts of Your Story

I’ve written stories about a lot of people. You know the ones that are the hardest to write about?

People with no conflict in their lives.

No challenges.

No obstacles.

No frustrations.

No failures.

No setbacks.

No struggles.

No heartaches.

No pain.

Simply put: Easy lives make boring stories. Leisurely lives never produced a legend.
People who live care-free are people no one cares about.

On the other hand, a life of struggle makes a scintillating story. Because the storyline includes…

Challenge…and triumph.

Obstacles…and overcoming.

Frustration…and a fight.

Failures…and fulfillment.

Setbacks…and a comeback.

Struggles…and strength.

Heartaches…and heroism.

Pain…and passion.

Bottom line: tough experiences become epic tales. People who get knocked around become people of renown.

So count of this.

Bank on it.

Believe it with all your heart.

And let it galvanize your heart and mind and will as you endure the worst the world has to offer:

The most difficult moments of your life will become the most inspiring parts of your story.