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Spiritual Coaching

Whether you are a doctor, professional athlete, or working mom, you're a man or woman who is driven to succeed. So I know you want to be an overachiever in everything you do!

The problem is that the pursuit of success can so often come at the expense of your spiritual health and well-being.

I understand your ambition.

I definitely believe that overachieving in business and sports and, really, any area of life is a good thing. It can be a very holy thing!

For the last five years, I have served as the co-host of the #1 rated business and success podcast in the world. I've helped an incredibly successful, multi-millionaire entrepreneur create 7-figure products and services--everything from a set of children's books to an elite network of entrepreneurs dedicated to scaling their businesses to 9-figures, maximizing their full potential, and making a powerful impact on the world.

But I also understand that while the pursuit of excellence and success--which often includes wealth and power--can be a good and noble pursuit, it does come with challenges and temptations.

You don't want to win championship, but feel as if spiritually you're a loser. You don't want to have a full bank account, but feel lost and empty inside. You don't want to "gain the whole world, but lose your soul."

As you are striving to be your best...

...whether it's in sports...

...your professional field..

...or your personal life... want keep your soul strong!

As a former pastor, I offered men and women support and guidance through the ups and downs of their lives, and helped them live on a deeper, more meaningful level.

As a professional writer, I've helped outstanding men and women share their thoughts and ideas in blog posts, articles, and books. I know how to ask questions, listen well, and help you better express what's inside of you.

I’ve also been formally trained as a Storybrand Certified Guide; and I often apply that highly effective marketing framework to help people clarify the personal mission and message of their lives.

Bottom line: even though I am no longer in full-time pastoral ministry, I consider it my calling to help people stay strong in faith through good times and bad; whether they are on a winning streak or are at the bottom of the conference; when a deal goes bust or when they are billionaires!

Specifically, I feel called to help driven and ambitious people from all walks of life maintain and develop a strong and vibrant spiritual life....

So that they don't have to be overcome by anxiety and work-induced exhaustion.

So that they don't have to sideline childhood dreams or personal passions that have nothing to do with making money.

So that they don't have to let busyness and distraction destroy their relationships.

So that they don't have to lose sight of who they are as people.

Instead, I want them to be able to crush their goals and stay close to experience peace, confidence, and a life that is rich in every way possible.

What I Offer: Spiritual Direction and Coaching

For this reason, I’m offering Spiritual Direction (and coaching) for Entrepreneurs and Overachievers.

What I offer is unique.

It’s not typical, traditional spiritual direction.

For those of you who don’t know what spiritual direction is, it could summed up with two definitions:

  1. Spiritual direction is an interpersonal relationship in which we learn how to grow, live, and love in the spiritual life.
  2. Spiritual direction involves a process through which one person helps another person understand what God is doing and saying in their life.

That is what I’m going to offer you.

But I’m specifically providing spiritual direction for entrepreneurs and overachievers.

That means that I want to help you integrate your faith and spiritual life…

…with your commitment to excel in your professional pursuits…

…and your drive to maximize your potential as a human being.

Like I said, I want to help you grow closer to God as you crush your goals.

I want to help you "gain the whole world" without "losing your soul."

I want to help you cultivate a "sacred drive," a holy ambition to make the most of your life; not just for your own personal gain, but for the good of the world and the glory of God!

While your spiritual life and health will be the main focus, I will seek to integrate everything I know about personal development, productivity, content creation, personal branding, and anything else related to the pursuit of happiness and success.

Yes, I want you to be strong in faith.

AND I want you to excel as an entrepreneur and influencer--so that you will make the greatest impact possible--again, not just for your own gain, but the good of the world and the glory of God.

But you need to understand this: I offer spiritual direction, coaching, and consultation.

I am not a trained counselor, psychologist, or mental health professional; nor can I refer you to one. If you have clinical issues, you will have to look elsewhere for help.

What's Included When You Commit To Spiritual Direction and Coaching:

So with that said, here’s what you can expect when you sign up for spiritual direction and coaching with me

You will receive one 1-on-1 online session a month. During these sessions, I will do the following:

You will have regular access to me through my cell phone and selected apps.

My intent is to provide encouraging words, motivating thoughts and/or helpful insights (personal and professional) to you throughout the month. I’m not going to give any specific limits or parameters on how much you can contact me. We’re both successful adults with full lives. If you take advantage of my time, I’ll tell you. But I am only accepting people who have already demonstrated they are serious about their success—and don’t have time to constantly contact me. So I don’t expect any issues.

You will be included in a private group comprised of my spiritual direction/coaching clients.

Periodically (not regularly), I will provide content specifically for my spiritual direction/coaching clients, which will be published on a platform known only to my clients.

You will be granted free access/membership to Empowered Fellowship, my virtual community, which is launching June 2021.

Inquire for more details.

You will gain a spiritual director, coach, mentor, friend, and (when relevant), a content marketing consultant/writing coach who is dedicated to pouring into you and helping you pursue your God-given potential and make the most of your life – for your gain, the good of the world, and the glory of God!

Honestly, it’s hard to explain the “intangibles” that I want to bring to my spiritual direction and coaching relationships. For the last six years, I have worked closely with people like Andy Frisella and Ed Mylett. I have witnessed first-hand how both men have tried to over-deliver on their products and services. That is what I want to do for you. I’m excited about investing my time, talent, and energy into you. I only ask that you return the favor by valuing my time, appreciating my effort, and investing fully in yourself!

What's the next step?

The next step is to complete and submit this online application form.

Once you do, please allow 7-10 business days for me to respond.

Also, please understand that I want to fully invest myself in my clients; therefore, I am only accepting a limited number of men and women at this time; so you may be placed on a waiting list.

I do appreciate you taking the time to apply, and I look forward to the possibility of working together!

Once again, here's the link to the application form.



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