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Generally speaking, I try to answer the question, "what does it mean to pursue happiness and success in a way that is true, good, and beautiful?"

Since I'm a former evangelical pastor who joined the Catholic Church in 2011, I often address these questions from a spiritual perspective - integrating my knowledge of Sacred Scripture, Church teaching, and the insights of my favorite writers and teachers.

But I'm also someone who has spent several years in the world of entrepreneurship, self-help, and personal development. (I was the co-host of the #1 rated business and success podcast on iTunes for five years.) So I don't just write things from a spiritual perspective. I try to share practical principles and strategies to help you improve as a person and elevate your levels of excellence in everything you do.

The bottom line is that I want you to make the most of your life...for your own gain, the good of the world, and the glory of God!

Sometimes I will share a story. Sometimes I will unpack a principle or idea I think will help you spiritually. Sometimes...I'll just surprise you!

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